Carli and the Road Trip

I had an opportunity, thanks to Leish, to take Carli with me to speak to AMASA in the Berg, at Little Switzerland. It’s been a wonderful day. So far we’ve:

• Played ‘eye spy’
• Played ‘count the cars’
• Played ‘first one to see’
• Sung ‘I’m an African’
• Played Putt Putt
• Jumped on the trampoline
• Had dinner together
• Checked out the venue for tomorrow, together
• Are about to fall asleep together

I had a chance to take Jordi with me to Cape Town earlier this year. These are trips that can’t be explained. They’re wonderful and beautiful and no matter what you go expecting, you end up with stuff you never imagined, and are so grateful for.

Leish, the next 2 trips belong to you. You gotta go. These 2 girls will teach you, and show you stuff you haven’t yet seen or experienced.

God bless them both.

Looking forward to tomorrow…

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One Response to “ Carli and the Road Trip”

  1. court says:

    nice one, she looks really cute!

    hope you are well b, looks like everything is going super well!

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