Lost Car

We had a long weekend last weekend. Our annual pilgrimige with the Durban mates to the Berg. A heck of a weekend it turned out to be.

A part from the great stuff we did as a family, there was at least one late late late night, which made the trip home ugly before we even got going.

With just 200km to go, a blasted red light appears in the dash. One that neither Leish or I had seen before. So with manual out a short sharp call to Audi, we were ordered to stop forth-with or sooner.

This, as you’ve calculated, had us right on top of Warden. Long story short, including the 4 of us on the back of a flat-bed, a couple of hours in the waiting room of a scrap yard, a car dispatched from Harrismith, we arrived home aprox 3 hours after we should have.

It’s all about the journey right? I’m not of that persausian this week? Sometimes journeys can drag on a little longer than your sense of humour allows. You can have ‘the journey’ for a little while still.

We did take a couple of pics and I’ll be sure to get them up soon.

And for those concerned about the car?I don’t know where it is or even who has it? That’s tomorrow’s task. God bless small towns with honest pick-up truck drivers.

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