The Heaven’s Opened

On Friday at around 13:00 there was a monster opening of the heaven’s and swimming pool loads of water distributed themselves around Jozi. I happened to be at Riverside Shopping Centre when it happened. You don’t see rain like this often, and it lasted all of 20 minutes. One minute sun shine, the next raining chaos and back to sunshine. Just like that.

As I was walking back to my car I noticed the roads backing up on either side of the bridge that keep Summit Road and Bryanston Drive from each other. I walked down and took these pics of the water that had collected on the bridge.

It’s not the river that came high enough, it’s the drainage on the bridge that couldn’t cope with the water that was streaming down the roads on either side.

At 17:00 the small bridge down the road from us still had the river only 30cm from the road level. That’s 4 hours later and still it hadn’t subsided much.

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