Today I turned 40

Today’s my birthday. I’m now officially a ‘ballie’ or so they tell me. 40 is the entry point to this new descriptor of me.

It’s been a kewl day. Surprised this morning with breakfast in bed, presents and lots of love from my family, and then through the day by friends, through sms, facebook, phone calls and twitter. So much love through so many platforms.

I started the day, once the girls had gone to school, with an 8km run. Had to remind myself I’m not too old. I then went to a web interview for The Times’ web site to be screened in Jan 2010. The cool thing was my outfit. Jordi and Carli dressed me in a tie and a badge / pin that said ’40 Today’. Not the usual attire, fer sure, but I was reminded throughout the day that I was 40 and still much adored by two very wonderful and special girls.

My (our) big present was a video camera. Water proof, solid state hard drive and truckloads of memory. The girls have gotten into YouTube so it’s going to be a blast for the next while. Of this I am certain.

I posted this morning’s clip to YouTube. Take a look…. Click on the video to be taken to the larger version, or click here

As London, from Disney Chanel would say, “Happy Birthday me” : )

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