Our Easter Weekend

Easter means lots of different things to lots of different people. Easter also means lots of different things to each member of this family. We’re all at different ages, life stages and understanding of who God is and isn’t in our lives. It makes for a rich conversation full of learning and new understanding each time we explore it together.

This Easter was no different. Looking through the filter of Carli, Jordi, Leish and I gave me fresh perspectives and new learnings as I worked hard to embrace how each of us saw it. We had an Easter full of learning this year as we plugged into the events that Ridgeway (a Church based in Rivonia) put on for it’s members and visitors (us).

On Friday we attended their ‘Stations of the Cross’. They did an amazing job setting up stations for people to go through and reflect on, as they thought through Jesus’ death and resurrection over the Easter weekend. Leish took Jordi through, and I took Carli.

I know Leish has some great insights having gone through with Jordi. Mine came about as I ‘translated’ the reflections into language and context that Carli could grasp. Ridgeway did an amazing job providing practical exercises to bring conceptual ideas into a practical physical space.

For example, in the ‘forgiveness’ station they had two bowls, one filled with a bitter paste and the other with chocolate. The reading above the bowls spoke of what happens when we don’t forgive people who have wronged us? So often there is a bitterness that’s created that we walk around with. But when we’re able to truly forgive, the bitterness goes and is replaced by a sweet taste. It made my work of helping Carli understand the impact of forgiveness, or not, very easy, very palpable, and very real.

And on Sunday we joined them for their Sunrise Service. It was held at one of the Church members homes in Bryanston. The most beautiful home at the top of one of the ridges. Facing the sunrise we were treated to a beautiful start to the day, and again, another very physical illustration of something of what it means to say, ‘Christ has Risen’.

From there we went home to find Easter eggs. This year significantly different in that Carli had asked the question the night before as to who is really behind the ‘Easter Bunny’. Leish and I have agreed that when ‘the question’ is asked that we’ll be honest. Along with the shattered illusion of the Easter Bunny went the Tooth Fairy. She didn’t ask about Father Christmas, but I imagine it’s a question that will be asked as December approaches? Perhaps she wont ask it this year for fear of losing some large presents that Father Christmas is known in our home to bring? We’ll see?

I posted some pics to Picasa from the weekend. Click here to see them.

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  1. Pete Veysie says:

    Heh – how special and cool to see all your reflections on easter – so good to have you gus around in our lives.

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