Cheeki’s First Birthday Party. And Sadly, His Last

We got Cheeki just over a year ago. It didn’t take him long to become a very integral part of our family. We even had a cat, and the two of them roamed the house freely together. He’d shower with us, watch TV with us, play with us, and at times irritate the crap out of us : )

Last week he flew away. His wings had grown a little too long and before we could clip them, he took flight from the 4th floor balcony. He’d done it before, and we’d simply retrieved him from the trees below. But this time he flew out while we were away for the day. We arrived home to no Cheeki. And later were told a pack of Indian Miners had attacked him.

The video clip below is of his 1st birthday party we threw for him.

It’s a quieter sadder home we have at the moment : (

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