Ensuring your child and their school are the correct match for each other

As Jordi gets closer and closer to High School, and although she’s chosen the school she’d like to go to, I have a growing feeling of discomfort that the school she’s chosen may not be the best school for her. How do I know this? Easy, it’s a gut feeling. That makes me even more uneasy, that I’m currently only working off of my gut. But I plan to change that. Starting today.

While I’m aware that schools house a vast array of different human beings within them, I do think it’s naive to assume that schools cater for every type of child, and that a child can thrive at any school. It doesn’t work like that in the rest of our lives. I’ve watched people break in large amazing companies. I’ve seen friends and family become ‘less than’ in what should have been loving nurturing lifelong relationships. We don’t fit every situation, and every situation isn’t going to fit us.

So where to start? Google of course. I jumped on expecting to find that someone had thought this one through, written it up, created some sort of assessment, and was offering it for a few bucks online somewhere. Google would know. Google always knows. Sadly, on this one particular topic of interest, Google still has yet to find that person online (or the 14 different search strings I tried were the wrong 14).

Where to now? I guess I’m going to have to speak to a real life human being (deep sigh, how old school). I think I’ll start with those educators I trust to think. Not necessarily think like me, just think. An often rare activity in today’s busy world.

While I acknowledge I may not have come up with the correct Google search string, I am a little amazed that I didn’t find anyone, anywhere who’s done any work that speaks to categorizing a school. Describing it’s culture and it’s philosophy objectively, and suggesting what type of child, and perhaps even what type of parent might be a ‘best fit’.

I’ll keep reporting back, and should you know something I don’t, please let me know.

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