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The HOOHAH! Challenge

Last Saturday night I took Jordi, Carli and a friend (Em) of theirs, to Steers in Illovo for our own HOOHAH! Challenge.

The Challenge was straight-forward. Order 4 of the biggest HOOHAH! Burgers we could, and see who could finish them? None of us had lunch in the lead up to our big competition.

So we had one 41 year old, two 11 year olds, and an 8 year old. The results…. only one winner. Jordi was the only one to finish.  Our excuse for losing was that we had chips and Jordi didn’t. Of course she wasn’t accepting that. Them burgers were BIG!

You can see other pics here

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4 Beautiful Girls

A month or so ago we were in Durban for a week. We spent a fair amount of time at Jude’s house. Jude’s house also consists of Layla, Gav and Glad. Layla is Jude and Gav’s beautiful little girl. She also secretly and unofficially my God-Daughter, but I have to wait till she’s 21 to choose a God-Father for herself : )

On this particular day one of Jude’s friends was over. Her name is Curli. Curli’s little girl Anna was there as well, and picture taking time happened…….


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Idols Finals

Last Friday night the girls and I went to watch Lloyd and Elvis Blue do their final 3 songs, before the vote that saw Elvis win Idols 2010, this past Tuesday.

We had a spare ticket and the girls voted to take Carli’s friend, Ollie. It was Ollie’s first trip to a live Idols show, so she was completely taken by the event. This became obvious when she joined the throngs of girls in their high pitched screams, right next to me. How do people hit those notes : )

I’m sure I’ve said it somewhere before, but for R40, Idols puts on one fantastic show. For R100 they put on an amazing show. If you’ve got kids, it doesn’t really matter how you feel, Idols is a great outing.

For a couple of extra pics, click here.

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Our exciting Gautrain adventure

We woke up at various points between 03h30 and 04h00 this morning. We were on our way to catch the first public Gautrain, running from Sandton to OR Tambo. The plan was to have breakfast at Wimpy, and then catch a train back in time for school.

There were a couple of hiccups and I offloaded (puked) them here, for those that are interested, but outside of that, it was one awesome experience.

The Gautrain is fantastic. It leaves Sandton underground and stays there until it ‘surfaces’ at Marlboro. It then stays above ground until the airport. The entire trip takes around 12 min which includes 2 stops. Pretty impressive. The technology is kewl, and you pay R10 for a smart card that you keep and re-charge as and when needed. This pays for the train, the bus and for parking.

Jordi’s friend Daisy stayed the night and joined us for our adventure. And the girls loved it. It was very kewl to see how easily they slotted into the vibe. As if they’d been traveling on high speed trains their entire life : )

It’s definitely something you should do with your kids. It was awesome for Leish and I, and several times more for the girls.

We got to school 15 minutes late this morning. Not because it wasn’t possible. Let’s just put it down to first day teething issues : )

If you’d like to see some pics click here.

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Carli turns 7

Carli turned 7 in April. A big day for her. In many ways. She got older. Both physically, and I think in her self as well. It was a different birthday for her. It felt like the first time she’d ‘owned’ the day. Until this one, she’s always seemed fairly neither-here-nor-there about the day and everything that went into it. But this year she planned, plotted, dreamed, asked for, expected from, etc, etc. We worked hard to make it the celebration she wanted. And reflecting back on it, I think she might say it met her image of what her birthday needed to be.

For those with children that cliche about children growing up so quickly was brought home once again for Leish and I. No more 6 year olds in the house. While Jordi pushes the boundaries on the older end, Carli represents the end of each era for us as a family. So there’s always a hint of sadness as she moves into her next world, but it doesn’t take away from the exciting adventures that she allows us to share with her.

She is an amazing human being in our family. She brings so much that we don’t have, and teaches us things we’d not learn easily if she wasn’t here. Her confidence, imagination, sense of humour, adventure, laugh, need for her own space, her skill with any sport of activity that involves a round objective (ball), her gentle spirit and her loving cuddles. The list is long…

I’ve posted some pics of a little piece of her day. Her ‘big’ present was a drum kit for Guitar Hero (Nintendo Wii) and you’ll see us all playing in the pics.

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Another visit to Peter Bee Pets

2 Saturday mornings ago I took Carli, Jordi, Brad and Jason (friends) to Peter Bee Pets. I’ve posted about a visit to Pete before. It’s always fun, simply because Pete has some of the kewlest animals in his shop.

If you’ve not been there, and you don’t mind a trek out to Krugersdorp, then load up your kids and take a visit.

The kids got to touch, play with, feel, watch and experience all sorts of things. From Bearded Dragons, to Water Lizards being fed, to Ball Pythons, to a stunning Cockateel, and of course the 3 alligators in their enclosure.

I’ve posted some pics on my Picasa site. Click here if you’d like a look.

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Our Easter Weekend

Easter means lots of different things to lots of different people. Easter also means lots of different things to each member of this family. We’re all at different ages, life stages and understanding of who God is and isn’t in our lives. It makes for a rich conversation full of learning and new understanding each time we explore it together.

This Easter was no different. Looking through the filter of Carli, Jordi, Leish and I gave me fresh perspectives and new learnings as I worked hard to embrace how each of us saw it. We had an Easter full of learning this year as we plugged into the events that Ridgeway (a Church based in Rivonia) put on for it’s members and visitors (us).

On Friday we attended their ‘Stations of the Cross’. They did an amazing job setting up stations for people to go through and reflect on, as they thought through Jesus’ death and resurrection over the Easter weekend. Leish took Jordi through, and I took Carli.

I know Leish has some great insights having gone through with Jordi. Mine came about as I ‘translated’ the reflections into language and context that Carli could grasp. Ridgeway did an amazing job providing practical exercises to bring conceptual ideas into a practical physical space.

For example, in the ‘forgiveness’ station they had two bowls, one filled with a bitter paste and the other with chocolate. The reading above the bowls spoke of what happens when we don’t forgive people who have wronged us? So often there is a bitterness that’s created that we walk around with. But when we’re able to truly forgive, the bitterness goes and is replaced by a sweet taste. It made my work of helping Carli understand the impact of forgiveness, or not, very easy, very palpable, and very real.

And on Sunday we joined them for their Sunrise Service. It was held at one of the Church members homes in Bryanston. The most beautiful home at the top of one of the ridges. Facing the sunrise we were treated to a beautiful start to the day, and again, another very physical illustration of something of what it means to say, ‘Christ has Risen’.

From there we went home to find Easter eggs. This year significantly different in that Carli had asked the question the night before as to who is really behind the ‘Easter Bunny’. Leish and I have agreed that when ‘the question’ is asked that we’ll be honest. Along with the shattered illusion of the Easter Bunny went the Tooth Fairy. She didn’t ask about Father Christmas, but I imagine it’s a question that will be asked as December approaches? Perhaps she wont ask it this year for fear of losing some large presents that Father Christmas is known in our home to bring? We’ll see?

I posted some pics to Picasa from the weekend. Click here to see them.

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Fun with MacBook iCam

Over the weekend we had a little fun with my MacBook’s iCam (the little camera on the top of the laptop). And when I say we, it was Carli, Jordi, Em (a friend of Jordi’s), Leish and I.

I’ve posted some of the pics to Picasa.

Have a look if you’d like to see them.

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Let By

What a wonderful sign I got to see over the weekend, as I drove to a party that Carli (and the family) were invited to.  I’ve seen Leish’s signs that read ‘To Let’. They’re in our garage, in her boot, and I’ve been with her to stick them up. But this was the first one I’ve seen that said “Let By”.

Of course it’s not the first spot Leish has rented out, she’s been a machine for a year now with Aim High Properties. She tells us all about them (and some of her stories are amazing), but we’ve not been treated to a visit to a post-rented spot. Not until Saturday.

Go Leisha, Go Leisha, Go Leisha, Go, Go!

Want to see the pic in a larger format? Click here.

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Wedding in Franschhoek

Harley D got married. For those that know him, it’s for real, we were there, and we saw it with our own two eyes. He’s married Charmaine. We only met her the night before, and over the time we spent with her, they look like they’re in looooove.

The Wedding was at Rickety Bridge and as weddings go, it was a goodie. Lotsa fun, short ceremony, horse drawn carriage entry, dancing, entertaining speeches and an amazing MC (me : )

It was a new family experience for us, as Jordi stayed awake and involved for the entire evening and so Leish and my dancing was curtailed as Jordi took us out for a spin and a spin and another spin on the dance floor. It was wonderful. I did get to dance with Leish, and it confirmed what we know…. that we love dancing together. I love dancing with Leish. One of my most favourite things to do with her.

To see some pics of the wedding, click here.

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