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The Girl’s Gymnastics Display [video]

This past Friday and Saturday was Jordi and Carli’s Gymnastics Display. The culmination of all their work over the past year. It was a stunning performance from both of them.

Two shows on Friday and two on Saturday. An exhausting two days.

To top it off they both received their Central Gauteng Gymnastics Half-Colours.

Below are two short video clips of some of what they did. One for each of them. Carli’s first, and then Jordi’s.

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The Bramley girls shine at their Gymnastics Club Comp

On Saturday Carli and Jordi competed in the Bryanston Gymnastics Club annual competition. It’s goal is really, I think, to prepare the gymnasts for the regional competition that’s held a few weeks later. So they compete using the same routine as the regional comp, and a selection of gymnasts get selected to go to the regional comp. I posted something about last years regional comp last year.

This year was Carli’s first competition. She’s not competed before. She’s on level 1 and is in the under 6 age group. She was nervous, we (Leish and I) were nervous, and Jordi was amazing. On the way from picking up Wimpy Coffee and toasted sandwiches, Jordi told me she hoped that there wasn’t any thunder while Carli was on the beam. She’d hate Carli to fall. And she’d be prepared to fall 5 times if it meant that Carli didn’t have to fall once. What a beautiful and caring wish for her sister. I just wanted to give her a great big hug. I couldn’t. I was driving : )

Carli was a star. She ended up 2nd overall, and won her floor and bar routines. She placed in the top 3 for beam and vault. She ended up with 5 medals, and while they were presenting to other age groups and levels, Leish and I watched her count those medals 6 or 7 times. Not sure if she was checking just how many, or if they were all still there? But she certainly seemed very proud. Rightly so.

Jordi’s level and age group was hotly contested. There was no clear ‘super-star’ amongst them. Many of the girls got medals for the different disciplines. Jordi ended up 5th overall and came home with 3 medals. She was disappointed as she loves gymnastics, works really hard, and was hoping to have finished higher up in the rankings. A hard lesson about competition, not getting what you hoped for, and not finishing as high up as she did least year, to watch her learn. She wasn’t interested in us trying to console her. It was a tough afternoon of emotion here at home.

All in all, it was a great day for the two of them. This morning everyone was back to counting medals, talking of the regional competition, and practicing their various routines on the furniture around the house. They do spend more time on their hands than on their feet : )

I’ve posted some pics of the competition here.

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Third in Gauteng

So as you would have noticed from the post about the wedding, Leish and Jordi stayed in Jozi for two extra days before joining us. The reason was a gymnastics comp that Jordi was in. Under 8, level 1 for Gauteng Clubs. A big deal. She’d come 5th in the Central Gauteng Trial two weeks before, made the Central Gauteng squad, and this was the grand finale.

We missed them both at the wedding, and really hoped, from a distance, that Jordi would do well enough for herself. She sets high expectations. The result even caught Leish by surprise as they announced at the prize giving that Jordi had come third.

Go Jordi – you macheeeen. She phone me afterwards and proudly alerted me to the fact that the clanking noise I could hear over the phone were her medals around her neck : )

Two pics to be seen here.

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Central Gauteng Gymnastics Squad

Last weekend Jordi competed in the Central Gauteng under 9 Gymnastics trials (mouthful right).

It was a Saturday morning, and the entire family was there to support.

How’d she do? Amazing. Wow! Out of around 70 girls in her age group and level she ended up joint 5th overall. Meaning she’s made the squad to represent Central Gauteng.

Of course the timing of this was decided on by officials who clearly don’t make use of long weekends, and so it’s smack in the middle on the June 16 long weekend where we’re due to attend a wedding in the Eastern Cape. So we’re changing flights and Carli and I will probably go down early and pick Leish and Jordi up later. But it’s not clever planning by my book.

Enough ranting. This is about Jordi. First year of gym, second competition and she’s shining. What a girl. What a human. She’s amazing. She lives in our house. Boy are we lucky!

Go here for more pics

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