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Cheeki’s First Birthday Party. And Sadly, His Last

We got Cheeki just over a year ago. It didn’t take him long to become a very integral part of our family. We even had a cat, and the two of them roamed the house freely together. He’d shower with us, watch TV with us, play with us, and at times irritate the crap out of us : )

Last week he flew away. His wings had grown a little too long and before we could clip them, he took flight from the 4th floor balcony. He’d done it before, and we’d simply retrieved him from the trees below. But this time he flew out while we were away for the day. We arrived home to no Cheeki. And later were told a pack of Indian Miners had attacked him.

The video clip below is of his 1st birthday party we threw for him.

It’s a quieter sadder home we have at the moment : (

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Cheeki joins the family

Yesterday the girls and I went to Peter Bee Pets (if you haven’t been, you gotta go) to fetch the newest member of our family. His name is Cheeki, and he’s a Cockatiel. Wikipedia has this to say about him and his kind:

The Cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus), also known as the Quarrion and the Weiro, is the smallest cockatoo endemic to Australia. They are prized as a household pet and companion parrot throughout the world and are relatively easy to breed. As a caged bird, cockatiels are second only in popularity to the Budgerigar.

Carli made a short video of Cheeki this morning. We posted it to YouTube, and it’s available with a click on the video below : )

If you’d like to see some pics of the girls with Cheeki, go here.

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Trip to THE pet shop

A couple of posts back I wrote briefly of the ‘little pink things’ that Carli and I got from Pete at Peter Bee Pets in Krugersdorp. Going with Carli (or Jordi) to visit Pete is always a treat. He has the best Pet Shop with the most interesting stuff (animals) that I’ve ever seen. And he’s always so good with the girls. Let’s them hold, touch, feed, play, etc with whatever catches their eye. And there’s lots to catch their eye. There’s nothing Pete has that’s normal or usual.

Our last trip was mid-December and I got some pics of Carli with some of the amazing creatures that Pete has in his shop.

Click here to see the pics.

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X-Kitties (the final clips)

There’s much sadness in our house in the kitty area currently. The first of ‘the 6’ left us this week. Naartjie was his name. Not sure what the new owners will call him. When you watch the video clip you’ll understand why he got that name. A unique look in the litter.

The little pink toys they’re playing with are from Peter Bee Pets. Our cousin Pete owns it, and if you’ve not been, it’s so worth a visit. Take your kids. It’s the funnest most interesting place to go. I’ll post some pics soon, but I took Carli the other day. She got to play with a Mongoose, a Bearded Dragon, a turtle, a baby dove, a parrot, get freaked out by a very large cat fish, see snakes and spiders, and the list is endless. Certainly not your usual pet store.

We got to Plett this afternoon, and I thought I’d clear out the video camera to make a fresh start for our holiday. I found these clips of the kitties and thought I’d put them together for our memories one day.

The next 3 go when we get back home in January and then we have to find a home for the last two. As with each post I’ve uploaded, if you know anyone who’s interested in brightening their home with a beautiful kitten, please let us know?

If you’d like to watch the vid directly on YouTube, follow this link.

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Kitty photo update

Uploaded some pics on 27 Nov of the kitties, and forgot to link them to a post.

The video in the previous post is more recent, but the pics are cute anyway. Can’t remember when they were taken, but they’ve grown and are fast becoming their own personalities.

We are gonna miss them when they go, and there will be lots of tears from everyone. Of that I’m certain.

If you’re looking for a kitty for a Christmas present, you know where to go : )

In the mean time, you can click here for the album.

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A kitten for Christmas

If you’ve followed  this blog recently you’ll know we had 6 kittens. 3 have been reserved, and there are three left.

They’re old enough now to leave home and their mom. Let us know if you’re interested?

They’re too cute. This video started with all 6 on the couch. They all ended up on the floor. Eventually. Not sure if any of them felt like they won the battle? Perhaps it wasn’t one to start with : )

Click here to see the video a little larger on YouTube.

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Kitty for Christmas?

There have to be people out there who’d like a kitty cat for Christmas? We have 6 of them (well 3 left) that need homes.

They’re beautiful. They’re fun. They’re everything you want a kitty to be. And 7 December they’re aparently old enough to leave their mom (Bella) and find a home of their own. It’s going to be a sad day for us to see them leave. But 9 cats currently in our little house isn’t sustainable or healthy.

I’ll keep updating with new pics as the time closes in.

If you’re looking for a kitty-cat of your own, or think one of them would make a fantastic present to a warm and loving home, please let me know?

Click here for pics.

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Kittens born tonight

Tonight our cat, Bella, finally started giving birth. Our home as been a research station for cat birth these past 2 weeks. We’ve watched umpteen YouTube video’s, read all there is to read, and created about a billion birth places for Bella to settle.

This evening she chose the middle of the lounge floor in front of the TV as Private Practice was about to start. Leish, who’s lead the cat birth education process got down with her and did some mommy magic.

The net result, at the time of writing this, because none of us know when it’s over, are 3 little kittens. All dark black. All little. All cute, and mostly ugly : )

We tried waking the girls, but they were way to tired and asleep to work out what was being asked of them. They’ll be fully stoked in the morning : )

So if you’re looking for a kitten, or three, you know who to call…

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Izzi, one of our cats had a mysterious accident a few weeks ago? With much agonising over what to to do, she went into an operation to fix a broken pelvis, and put her together once again.

We’ve been away on holiday. I came home last night for a day of work today before setting off again to the berg for the rest of the week. My sister has been looking after the house, granny and the animals. I got home last night to find Izzi very frustrated, walking very strangely in his healing, and fighting to get out of the room he’s supposed to be healing in.

Here are some pics of his shaved body.

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Cats have moved

This weekend we moved the cats from the ‘little house’ to the ‘big house’. Bella and Izzi, are having to get used to their new home, and it doesn’t look fun for them. Certainly the smell is driving us all crazy.

We’ve got them in one of the bathrooms for the mean time, and they have to stay inside the house for 2 weeks in order to re-establish their new world. If we don’t do this, they aparently will try and get back to their old haunt. At some point, we’re going to have to introduce them to Balou (our dog). He’s certainly going to be excited to have some friends. I’m not sure Bella and Izzi have met a dog before, so it’s going to be an interesting introduction.

We’ll keep you posted….

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