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Carli turns 7

Carli turned 7 in April. A big day for her. In many ways. She got older. Both physically, and I think in her self as well. It was a different birthday for her. It felt like the first time she’d ‘owned’ the day. Until this one, she’s always seemed fairly neither-here-nor-there about the day and everything that went into it. But this year she planned, plotted, dreamed, asked for, expected from, etc, etc. We worked hard to make it the celebration she wanted. And reflecting back on it, I think she might say it met her image of what her birthday needed to be.

For those with children that cliche about children growing up so quickly was brought home once again for Leish and I. No more 6 year olds in the house. While Jordi pushes the boundaries on the older end, Carli represents the end of each era for us as a family. So there’s always a hint of sadness as she moves into her next world, but it doesn’t take away from the exciting adventures that she allows us to share with her.

She is an amazing human being in our family. She brings so much that we don’t have, and teaches us things we’d not learn easily if she wasn’t here. Her confidence, imagination, sense of humour, adventure, laugh, need for her own space, her skill with any sport of activity that involves a round objective (ball), her gentle spirit and her loving cuddles. The list is long…

I’ve posted some pics of a little piece of her day. Her ‘big’ present was a drum kit for Guitar Hero (Nintendo Wii) and you’ll see us all playing in the pics.

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Carli’s Party

Carli hosted a party for her 6th birthday on Sunday (the day after her birth day). She invited some friends and their families over to the house for a late Sunday afternoon braai and party fun. It was a really fun day that stretched into the night and the last family left around 21:00.

There were rope games, dancing games, riding stuff with wheels on the tennis court, trampoline jumping and sensibly no swimming.

Leish and Carli decorated her cake with much finesse and pride going into it. They also mixed some ice-cream with condensed milk. Yummy yummy.

I think the photos tell a better version of the day than I can, so go here to see them

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Carli Turns 6

25 April was Carli’s sixth birthday. Our little girl is getting older. Funny how that happens : ) And it happens so quickly. Her birthday fell in the middle of school holidays. This is never fun in terms of parties and attention, but I reckon she had had a goodie this year.

She wanted a Nintendo DS (pronounced ‘Nitendo’ if you’re Carli). It was delivered. A beautiful green one, which at the time of writing this (1 May) hasn’t been put down for very long. Between her and Jordi it’s recieving maximum attention. Kewl battery life. She has a dog named ‘Lucky’ in her one game that has to be fed, walked, played with, etc, etc or it’ll die (I kid you not). She’s done a fantastic job (with the very able assistance of Jordi) keeping it alive and well. Although it still wont pick up the stick you throw at it – this is the big challenge at the moment.

We had breakfast at Moyo at Zoo Lake and went to the ‘new’ Spur with her friend Oli and her family. A very lekka day.

Go here for some pics

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Leish’s Birthday Dinner

We finally took the car back to the airport. It was top down, music blaring and some decent speed on the highway. A fitting end to a wonderful time for all of us. I imagine especially for Leish.

Leish chose to go to dinner at the airport. Practical and fun choice. Practical because it meant the girls could get to bed early-ish. And fun because we’d started there that morning, and it is a fun thought going to the airport for your birthday dinner.

Carli had Wimpy, Jordi KFC and Leish and I Nandos. We all had smoothies from Kuaii. So not the ideal venue but a memory creating choice. A birthday not easily forgotten for all of us.

Thanks for sharing your present with us Leish.

I’ve updated a few more pics from dinner here with the pics from this morning.

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A3 for the day – a luverlee birthday

Today is Leish’s birthday. The Scooter Girls and I have been plotting for a week for a present for such an amazing wonderful human being. We went through several rounds of options and finally settled on hiring Leish an Audi A3 Cabriolet for the day.

In the run up to today the girls were brilliant, giving Leish clues and hints that had her completely dis-orientated around what the day entailed. We told her to invite some friends for breakfast and placed the emphasis on the breakfast venue. We told her that she could only take one car and it would have to be hers. We got her to give us her ID number, drivers licence number, registration number, make and model of her car, etc, etc. Of course it had nothing to do with the venue. It all had to do with the car : )

This morning we picked Leish up at 6am and drove out to the airport to pick it up. She was a little panicky because we were going so far from the girl’s school. And the excitement just built and built. At the airport Jordi made her take the elastic out of her hair so that it would blow in the wind : ) We arrived at Avis and as Leish walked up to the luxury car counter she was greeted with, “Good morning, you must be Mrs Bramley?” The car was parked outside the doors. Bottles of water, her favourite music (pre-arranged), a newspaper, a map, and a beautiful black A3.

The girls were beside themselves. Both had always wanted to drive in a car without a roof (Carli calls them ‘tow-cars’). And now their mom had one for the day.

Leish drove us to school (the girls were 30 minutes late because of traffic) and then Leish took me to my car. She then picked up a friend for coffee, and that’s as far as the story goes, that I’m aware of?

I’m fairly certain she’s gonna have a wonderful day, full of smiles, fun and feeling very sexy in one hot and sexy car : )

Well done Scooter Girls. You picked one fantastic option for a pressie for your mom.

Click here for pics from this morning in the traffic.

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Belly Dancer Theme Party

The girls got invited to a Belly Dancer Theme Party this weekend. Too cute.

Took some pics of the prep phase at home. Lots and lots of work went into getting them jazzed up (by mom of course – I got to brush hair and tie a top)

Click here for more pics.

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Codrington Farewell

Our friends from the Codrington Family are leaving to live in the UK.

Leish has known Jane since primary school. I met Graeme through work. Clearly a good introduction as we, along with Keith, started TomorrowToday. So they move to the UK in the middle of aAugust. Graeme will be working with our colleague, Dean, to get TomorrowToday in the UK on the map (it already is, but only a small piece : )

Last week we (TomorrowToday) took them out for dinner. We went to the Mixed Grill in Rosebank. Was a good evening. Leish and I left late. Perhaps too late for being fully functional the next day.

Jane took a few pictures and sent these through to me. She did admit to not sending the photos of her and a good frieind ‘Jack’ : )

Click here to see all 7 of them.

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What a luverlee party

The party has been completed. And while some may be feeling just slightly jaded this morning (clever clever leaving early) there must be a few who are going to use 2 July to recover : ) I have at least one of them living in my house (and I haven’t checked to see if any others are still lurking).

Leish cooked us an awesome Potjie. Story is that she started at 15:30, built the fire with her own hands (burned a couple of digits), and even imported some local expert knowledge. Whatever she did it worked fantastically.

Thanks to all who came out to celebrate a Durban night in Jozi. Happy Times.

Photos can be viewed here. Have fun.

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Party with the Durban-ites

We’ve got Jess and Revel visiting us this week. They’re up here for Jess’ sister’s birthday. So we’re having a bash. Invited a few mates. Some they know, some they don’t. It’s cold. Leish is going to get some winter food together. We’ll drink, dance, and have fun ala Bramley style.

Watch this space for more news and some photies : )

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