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The challenge of multiple communication channels

One of the challenges the internet has created is an unthinkable number of channels through which to broadcast. Of course none of us make use of every channel, but there is always someone using a channel we’re not. And so if you want to communicate to them the days of taking the attitude of ‘you just come to us’ is over. Chances are, because they’re not engaging with your channel is that they don’t even know about you. And so if you want to find them, you’ve got to insert yourself into their space. It doesn’t end there, because each channel requires a different format for your content. You don’t just write an article or record a podcast and hope it translates easily into each space. No! You’ve got to take whatever you start with and continually adjust it to whatever context you’re going to post it to.

And if you’re like me, then you’ve got a headache just thinking about the ‘how’ of taking your message to as many platforms as possible. What I have learned is that the ability to do this is getting easier and easier (in terms of tools available), and the more I learn about new channels the more competent I feel and become in my distribution efforts.

With that as a pre-amble, let me tell you about my latest adventure….

I took the e-zine article (Five Practical Steps to Retain Talent) that I produce for TomorrowToday each month (it gets sent to around 11 000 people via e-mail), posted it onto our blog, built a short presentation and built a video PodCast. The video file was then uploaded to iTunes and YouTube.

I don’t know if this sounds like a lot to you? It exhausted me. Took me 1.5 days to work it all out, learn new skills and get it all to a place I was reasonably happy with. Of course next time around it’ll take far less time and in my experience always better quality.

Here’s the video below from YouTube.

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Barrie in the News

A couple of months ago I was interviewed for Izimvo, a great web site dedicated to interviewing South Africans, or in their own words, ‘Interviewing South Africa‘. It does rate as one of my favourite interviews from an interviewee perspective. The questions were well thought through, and I had to work hard to get through the list they sent me.

Last week my interview with Izimvo was selected for ‘Global SA 2010 – Careers in Africa Recruitment Summit‘, in ‘The South African‘ which is a publication providing news for Global South Africans (living in the broader UK).

The South African is the online portal for South Africans living and working in London and the broader UK. The website is updated throughout the day with news relevant to the South African community abroad. The website hosts a comprehensive list of events, from business networking opportunities to music festivals, as well as travel news, sport, UK lifestyle articles and photo galleries.

The free weekly newspaper is available on the streets of London on Tuesday mornings and is distributed at specific locations around the UK. The newspaper targets young professionals and expatriates living in the UK and but includes content relevant to travellers and backpackers.

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Let By

What a wonderful sign I got to see over the weekend, as I drove to a party that Carli (and the family) were invited to.  I’ve seen Leish’s signs that read ‘To Let’. They’re in our garage, in her boot, and I’ve been with her to stick them up. But this was the first one I’ve seen that said “Let By”.

Of course it’s not the first spot Leish has rented out, she’s been a machine for a year now with Aim High Properties. She tells us all about them (and some of her stories are amazing), but we’ve not been treated to a visit to a post-rented spot. Not until Saturday.

Go Leisha, Go Leisha, Go Leisha, Go, Go!

Want to see the pic in a larger format? Click here.

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Article in The Star

I was published in The Star (South African newspaper) late last week on ‘diversity’. I’ve had a few requests from people who wanted to read it, but couldn’t find it online.

Our PR company (SimonSays Communications) scanned a copy and sent it through today. It’s missing one or two lines through the middle : ), but I’m fairly certain it’s still readable.

Click here to see the image (it’s a .jpg)

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Waking up to a PeaCock

This morning I woke up in the berg to a beautiful PeaCock sitting outside on the little veranda attached to my chalet. I immediately thought of Carli and took this pic to send to her. She’s definitely the animal lover of our family. Not that any of the others of us don’t, just that she makes up for where we lack.

Arrived at Alpine Heath last night, for a Builders Trade Depot conference, to an icy-cold wind. The icy-cold you expect in the berg this time of year, but the wind is just plain ugly and unwelcome. Reminded me of an exert from Ice Age 3, that Jordi was repeating earlier this week,

Listen to the wind!
What’s it saying?
I don’t know, I don’t speak wind.

I haven’t seen the movie, so I can’t give you any more information that that : )

This morning was beautiful. All the crap had been blown out of this atmosphere, and the sun was shining in the most wonderful way. The mountains surrounding us were spectacular, and I wished the rest of my family was here to share what I could see.

Tomorrow I head back to Durban to fetch them for our next stop of the ‘no-school tour’. We’re going to Little Switzerland for another conference with AMASA. I speak for an hour on Saturday morning. The rest of the time, is family time.


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88 years old and mayor for 30+ years

Today is Nelson Mandela’s birthday. An international icon.

But this is not about Madiba. He’s never been mayor. He has been President of South Africa, and leader of the African National Congress (ANC), but never Mayor.

This is a video interview worth watching about Hazel McCallion, who’s 88 years old and been mayor of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada for 30+ years. She’s been re-elected 11 times in the 6th biggest city in Canada, and runs a city that’s debt free with cash reserves of $700 000 000.

It struck me while watching, that we’re a world that’s become so ‘young people focused’, that we so easily miss and don’t appreciate the value and contribution that ‘much’ older people do make, and can make in our private and public worlds.

So happy birthday Madiba and wow Mayor McCallion. Don’t stop teaching us. May we never stop learning from everyone we meet.

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Leish has a new look

Leish has a new look : ) Bad headline, as it’s not really her that has the look, it’s her web site (I Am Parent) that has the look.

She spent a fat chunk of the weekend getting her Enneagram and Parenting course together, as well as doing some thinking about her website.

So cruise on over and take a look. I’m sure she’d appreciate any feedback you have. I think it looks brill.

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Baba Indaba

I Am Parent and Fathers In Africa are present at the Baba Indaba in Pretoria this weekend (starting today). And if you’ve been following our posts this week, then you know I Am Parent is Leish’s new business. She’s creating opportunities for parents to learn more about who they are, in order to become better parents to their children.

A friend of ours, Kevin Rutter, who runs (Fathers In Africa) has a stand at the show and Leish has put together some brochures to create awareness around I Am Parent. It’s been a very exciting week, working with both of them to assist where I can to help get it all together.

If you’d like to see Leish’s new brochure, you can download it here.

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I Am Parent goes live – Yipee

Many of you will know that Leish has been working on putting a course together that looks at ‘The Enneagram and Parenting’. She’s been collecting resources, building exercises, studying and designing for quite some time now. This past weekend she put a website together ( that marks another step toward it seeing the light of day.

If you’re interested in getting to know yourself in order to be a better parent, then you should swoop on over there and take a look. And even if you’re not, it’s a kick ass web site that’s worth checking out.

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Business Women in the making

I’m not sure where or who Jordi gets it from? But somewhere along the line she’s become a budding entrepreneur. I can remember her, last year (or was it the year before?), plotting with a friend to draw some pictures and then set a table up outside our house to sell to all and sundry. As parents I remember us feeling a little awkward for her at the idea of this, and the possible disappointment of not selling anything. Not phased by our gentle discouragement, she simply adjusted the sales strategy to dad going with her, door to door, to make her sales : )

We never did go door to door. But Jordi hasn’t ever given up on her journey of financial independance by 10. She has simply adjusted once again, and anyone entering our home gets ‘sat down’ to look through her portfolio of pictures with price tags that range from R5 to R50. There is one priceless piece that has contains a self-written song to ‘Troy’ from High School Musical that is simply not for sale.

Carli has picked up on this as well. This past weekend I got treated to a massage in her bedroom for R10. She found chairs, made me clean them, and then set up her salon.

I love that they do this. It can only be good for them. It’s a wonderful education in the art of business that has little stress, no risk, and heaps and heaps of reward.

I took a couple of pics of them applying themselves to their current chosen careers.

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